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Posted on 10/2/2015 in Marriage
Marriage and Appreciation

Marriage and Appreciation - NikahExplorer

In a relationship such as marriage appreciation is one of the most important factors that bind it. It is human nature to seek thankfulness for what you have done for another and for such a close relationship such as marriage it is quite natural to do so. Unfortunately, spouses do not thank each other often and this leads to, if not displeasure, an increasing sense of aloofness from one another as the years pass by.

The solution to this is to show gratitude for the other spouse for what they do verbally and if possible, in written too. Say thank you to your husband in his ear for helping with the dishes on a particularly busy dinner night, write a note of thanks to your wife for helping you in your office presentation for hours into the night; that’s the sort of appreciation that is require from one spouse for another.

Muslim couples, often due to the peer pressure of society, feel that their roles as individuals in marriage are defined. That would mean the husband going to work and the wife looking after the house and the kids. That’s it. Defined roles. While Islam has presecribed these roles as well, nowhere does it say that spouses cannot help each other in the other’s roles. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) often used to help his wives in the household chores, going to the extent of washing dishes and even cooking. We, as the ummah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) must follow in his footsteps and help out our spouses in their respective roles.

Appreciation in marriage should not only come as a result of helping the spouse in their roles but also as a result of fulfilling their own roles. A good Muslim wife should be thankful to her husband for working hard every day, 9 hours a day, even though it is his job. When he comes home she should give him a kiss of thanks and believe it or not, that has the power to magically make alright a very hard day at work. In the same way, it would do no harm to the husband to give his wife a peck on the cheek while in bed for taking care of his children so well.

Feel blessed and grateful that when you awake every morning you have your wife with you and your family which you can count on. It is the appreciation of these little things, eventually towards Allah, that will take you closer to Him and make you a better person. We humans are beings that want to feel special at every point of our life so know that when we are thanked for something we did it will raise you in our heart. So remember to show verbal gratitude to your spouse and earn the love and respect that you deserve insha Allah!