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Posted on 2/15/2017 in Marriage
Marriage and Destiny

Marriage and Destiny - NikahExplorer

We all believe in destiny. We all believe that Allah works overtime to ensure that our lives are in order. And we KNOW that Allah is, even at this time, joining the puzzle that is our life and making sure that each part goes where it belongs. Allah is the perfect Planner, the most perfect of the lot and Allah does not make mistakes. Can there ever be anything more reassuring than this? That Allah is in control of our lives and that He will do what is best for us? Nothing can give you a more calming effect than in believing in this. Nothing! And that is us believing in destiny. That Allah is in control of our destiny. Infact He is the one who makes it.

So when we talk about the word destiny with marriage, we say the same thing. Allah is putting the pieces of our lives together and making it a beautiful puzzle. From the time we are born our destiny is made. We follow the path that life leads us to, get educated, go to university, learn the Quran, get a job, and then get married. They’re all pieces put together by the Supreme Being. But many times the pieces go out of order, and one happens before the other. But be assured that the each and every piece will be put in place by the Most Perfect Puzzle Maker, Allah.

We hear of stories everyday of Muslim brothers wanting to marry certain Muslim sisters and not being able to do so because of some worldly reason or the other. The same is true for Muslim girls liking Muslim boys to be their spouses but it does not work out. The boy may not have a stable job, the girl is not from a good family, these are some examples of hindrances in marriage. This is all destiny playing its part.

No one promised you that you would get everything you wanted. Remember that if the Perfect Planner, Allah, did not choose to give it to you, then it wasn’t good for you. Know that and believe that. And live with that. So if you were not able to marry that guy you liked or you were rejected by the family of the girl you wanted to marry, then KNOW that it is in your destiny to have been so. And Allah is the maker of destinies. Remember that if someone or something was destined to be in YOUR life, there is no power on earth that will make it a part of someone else’s. And if someone was not destined to be in your life, there is no power on earth that could being them in yours. Never. Not in a million years. So believe that your marriage is linked to your destiny. And Allah is working on your destiny overtime. So be assured. And PRAY. Pray to Allah to make your married destiny a fulfilling one!