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Posted on 2/6/2017 in Marriage
Marriage as an Investment

Marriage as an Investment - NikahExplorer

When a person makes an investment he puts in a part of all that he has separately in a hope that it will give him the maximum return as time goes on. Such in the concept of marriage in Islam, where you enter the relationship and consider it an investment, hoping that through yours and your spouses’ actions it will provide a high return for your entire life.

However, for you to get a high return on your investment you are required to work hard because without working hard you cannot get the required level of pay back. When couples treat their marriage as something that the more they pout it the greater it will get nourished, that’s when marriages become successful.

In Islam, marriage is considered a blessed relationship. “They are your garments and you are their garments” are the words that Allah has used to describe this life-long investment. So how must it begin? What should we do to ensure that the relationship gives us what we expect?

We must start with friendship. Yes, friendship between the husband and the wife in marriage is one of the most important parts of the relationship. The Muslim husband and wife should be companions of each other, bound by the contract of marriage. They must understand each other, and to do that they must talk to each other and know about their likes and dislikes. Furthermore they should make small efforts to make the other happy. These small actions to make them happy are considered little tit bits towards the relationship.

Friendship is thus the foundation to making the investment of marriage prosper. However, even friendship is not a cup of tea. It’s not magic that will happen automatically. It needs efforts and little deeds of togetherness and love with your spouse are all that it needs to work. The more the amount of love, compromise, peace, patience and togetherness you put in the relationship of friendship the greater your love in the marriage will prosper and that will give you greater returns on your investment. ┬áSo don’t be shy to express your love for your spouse. Because with love comes trust and with trust comes prosperity and great care among couples bound by marriage. Work towards compassion and you’ll get greater returns in your marriage IA.