Blog Marriage in Movies Vs Marriage in Real
Posted on 4/23/2017 in Marriage
Marriage in Movies Vs Marriage in Real

Marriage in Movies Vs Marriage in Real - NikahExplorer

Entertainment has always taken us by storm be it television shows, places of outings or movies. We all want to see and experience something that will make us feel awesome. And that is why the entertainment industry is a multi-million dollar one; because it appeals to the need for people to see a perfect world outside when they are going through imperfections in life. And so theme parks are created with crazy exhilarating rides and movies are made with happily ever after endings. And we all experience all of this and feel happy ourselves.

But what is the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry doing to us? It is robbing us of the opportunity to experience our lives as what it actually is; imperfect. Imperfect it is because our lives are not made for this world, they are made for Jannah. And so we start believing that what we see in television shows and movies is what it should actually be. In movies we see a couple going through trivial trials and then ending up together happily with their happily ever after. The movie ends there. It ends. But your life. Your life goes on. That movie that you just saw, you have no idea what happened after the prince married the princess, do you? They say it was a happily ever after because it was the end. But was it the end? No. It was just the beginning.

But it made us believe that we will live happily ever after in our marriages. And so this is a very dangerous belief and will almost always lead for our hearts to break. If we expect our marriages to be one with no road bumps on our way, we are doing ourselves a great disservice. This is because we are going against the nature of this world. We are believing the scenes that we see that were written by a screenwriter whereas we must believe in the story written for us by our Allah; He who is the perfect planner of our lives. Allah has told us this life is not perfect. Has He not told us specifically in the Quran “with hardship comes ease”?

We are comparing our lives with the couple in the movie whereas we must shun that and work on bettering our marriages ourselves. We must work on a loving, caring, pure and healthy marriage , not a perfect one. We must stop comparing our marriages with those that we see in movies. Because what is written for us by Allah is not only beautiful, it is perfect for us too. And one day we will see it and thank Him.