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Posted on 7/17/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Marriage on Paper or hearts?

Marriage on Paper or hearts? - NikahExplorer

Marriage is the kind of institute that Allah wishes to have a greater relevance in the hearts of the spouses rather than on the paper on which it had begun. Sure the paper plays a major part in the formality of marriage but the responsibility for the husband and wife does not end there. What both have to realize that even though they have signed the paper that binds them into marriage and said “Qubool hai” thrice to each other in the presence of witnesses, this act alone does not guarantee a successful marriage.

That is why Allah has place greater importance of marriage in the hearts than on paper. Allah has asked all married Muslims to get married as soon as possible and as soon as they can afford it. He has asked us to honour our relationship with our spouses for the entire life because He knows that signing a Nikah nama does not guarantee a long life union. Allah knows that for a marriage to go on for a lifetime there must be love, trust and respect for the spouses in their hearts for each other. Nowadays, we see that while couples are hasty to sign a marriage contract they have not given thought to the practical, financial and emotional responsibilities that follow.

Do you have an understanding with your spouse? Are you both friends? Do you seek each other for advice? Do you help each other grow? Do you learn from each other? Are you loyal and faithful to each other? If any of these questions are answered in the negative then no doubt your marriage exists only on paper and you have to come a long way for it to be successful. However, for the couples who answered all the questions above as yes, theirs is a healthy marriage. It may not be a perfect one, but it is a healthy one. That is a marriage that is built in the hearts , not only on paper because in that kind of marriage you can see the mutual respect among spouses, the friendship that is growing day by day and the love that is blossoming as the years pass. Let’s all strive to make our marriages stay strong in our hearts rather than on paper, IA , Ameen.