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Posted on 3/11/2017 in Relationship
More or Less Love in Marriage

More or Less Love in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) stated that: “men and women are twin halves of each other”. This means that they were made by Allah to complement each other and be complete with each other in marriage. This did not mean that they had to be equal of each other rather it meant that both show each other love as much as they can.

There is no limit to the love that you can show to your spouse in marriage. And neither should love be given through following a benchmark of how much it was received. Love is love and it is encouraged by Allah to give it to your spouse no matter the quantity.

A man and a woman have two separate personalities in marriage often the giving and receiving of love in marr iage is not equal from each spouse. Let that NOT bother you at all. Do not be afraid to give more love than you receive nor be afraid of receiving more love than you get. Because the giving and receiving depends on the person themselves. What matters is that the love should be true in marriage.

More importantly, Muslim couples should make sure that the love that they are giving to their spouse includes all the elements of faith, sustenance, mercy, forgiveness and respect. That is what true love encompasses, not false promises or long talks of commitment without action. Your love should be fair and true that is it.

Make sure your love is not self centered, not one sided. Don’t take your spouse for granted. Love and cherish tem like you would want to be loved and cherished but if you don’t receive the love in equal measure of quantity, do not panic. As long as it is love for the sake of making Allah happy, they are on the right path. Accept that and show them more love in return. And IA take them to the path of Jannah.