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Posted on 1/9/2018 in Muslim Marriage
No Money, No marriage?

No Money, No marriage? - NikahExplorer

While being financially secure before entering into the institute of Muslim marriage is important it is not the most important thing one should look at when considering life’s future. Sure, money is a valuable asset and we must all have it in order to secure a good standard of living. However, Allah has asked us not to rate money alone in making the decision to marry.

In our society these days however, money is given utmost importance when getting a daughter or son married. Parents stop their sons from getting married till they have secured a certain amount of dollars in salary and savings and Muslim daughters are not allowed to marry the man of their choice if he is not financially secure. This results in the anger of Allah whose instructions are very clear; get married after you reach the age of puberty and not wait to reach a certain standard of financial stability before you do so.

This advice of Allah to us is given keeping in mind the level of trust that we must have on Him. We as Muslims should be completely secure in the knowledge that Allah is the one who will take care of us, protect us and provide for us. Then why the fear in our hearts for money? We should have trust in Allah that He will give us whatever we want, be it money or other necessities of life, if only we turn towards him and ask. Allah has said in the Quran, “In him I put my trust”.

What more do we want? Knowing that there is a Deity that is there for us always and forever? Allah has promised us again and again in the Quran that He will make way for us if we are doing something that is taking us to the straight path. And marriage SubhanAllah is a straight path as can be. Remember that HE will help us out, He WILL provide for us financially. Remember that no money should not mean no marriage. It should mean trusting Allah, taking the plunge ad entering into a relationship that completes half your deen.