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Posted on 8/20/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Notice the Tiny Things in your Spouse

Notice the Tiny Things in your Spouse - NikahExplorer

Sure, a successful marriage takes giving importance to the big things in your relationship like finances, the house, the kids but have you ever stopped and taken notice of the small things in your marriage? Or rather have you stopped and noticed the tiny things that make your spouse who they are. While some habits of our spouses may extremely irritate us, there are many others that make us smile. And so many of these positive habits or attributes that exist in our spouses is what we should consider when we seek to make our marriages a success.

So what was the first thing you noticed about your spouse when you got married to them? Their smile? The cologne they use? Or the extremely clean bathroom habits they have? Whatever it was, remember that it made you smile at that time. And so would it today, if you’ve spent a few years into your marriage. So find reasons to smile in your marriage that concern your spouse because this is a great tip that would help your marriage grow.

In the rut of our busy everyday life, we forget to appreciate or even notice tiny things about our spouses and take much of them for granted. For example, did you notice that your wife ties up her hair in a bun when she’s stressed? Or did you notice that your husband closes his eyes to reflect when he has car trouble? Take note of these tiny things and then use them to make your marriage grow.

As humans we need to feel appreciated and loved at most times and it is by noticing small gestures or habits or attributes like these will we be on the right track to feel loved and honoured. Yes big things cannot be ignored but little things, if given some amount of importance, can play a huge role in building and strengthening marriage. Make sure you play that role for the sake of your marriage, for the sake of entering Jannah with your spouse.