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Posted on 6/28/2018 in Relationship
Open-mindedness in Marriage

Open-mindedness in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Marriage is much more about two people living together and sharing a house. It is about living together and building a home. In Islam the concept of marriage has been stressed upon because it is one of the most loved relationships in the eyes of Allah. To make this relationship work requires a lot of hard work from both the wife and the husband.

One of the most important attributes of marriage apart from love, compromise and patience is the ability to be open-minded. Many a times spouses do not see the picture on a bigger scale and have a myopic view of things. Allah has asked us to make our marriages work by listening to the other spouse, communicating with them and listening to their opinions and views in a positive manner. This is where open-mindedness comes in from.

A very close attribute related to this that our society lacks is tolerance with our partners on day to day matters. Spouse’s should take their marriage a day at a time and consider each day a learning experience. They should build on learning the right skills in marriage and applying them with a broad thinking. Have tolerance for each other’s opinions, likes and dislikes and know through your thinking that differences in opinions are merely differences that you can live with. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was always open with his wives and used to share happenings in his lives, take advice from them even when he disagreed with them. We should make our marriages this sincere as well.

Sincerity and open-mindedness in marriage come hand in hand. Not only must our heads be in the right place but our hearts should be in the right place too. That is where sincerity in the marriage comes in. Husbands and wives should not only think practically but also from the heart in making their marriages work. All in all they should respect their spouse’s and the opinions and views they bring to the table. Let’s all approach our marriages with open-mindedness, respect and sincerity and make them a success. Ameen.