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Posted on 6/20/2021 in Education In Islam
Pardah in Islam

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Pardah in Islam

Islam is the first religion that highlights women’s rights and ordered all human beings to provide rights to both women and men. At the same time, Islam also ordered the women to cover themselves with a scarf or cloth to protect the dignity of women so that they could live in society safely. Islam also strictly prohibited women to do not display their beauty to everyone as women’s beauty is precious and not every common man deserves to see the beauty.

Meaning of pardah

The actual meaning of pardah is to cover properly in a way that private parts should be concealed from evil eyes. The word pardah is originated from Persia and it was the culture of Persian. In the 17th century, during the Arab conquest pardah has been adopted by Muslims. Many people understand that pardah and covering head with scarf both are the same, actually covering the head with a scarf is one form of pardah. Different religions and countries have their own dress code, Islam also tell us our dress code. Muslim women wear a veil to cover themselves and a veil is more than a dress code for them.

What Holy Quran teaches us about pardah?

Through many verses of Holy Quran ALLAH teaches addresses us to do pardah.

ALLAH said in Sura e Al A’raf:

“O children of Adam, we have provided you with garments to cover your bodies, as well as for luxury. But the best garment is the garment of righteousness. These are some of Allah's signs, that they may take heed.” [Sura e Al A’raf, 7:26]

At another place ALLAH said in the Holy Quran:

“O prophet, tell your wives, your daughters, and the wives of the believers that they shall LENGTHEN their garments. Thus, they will be recognized and avoid being insulted. Allah is Forgiver, Most Merciful”. [Sura e Al Azab, 33:59]

Pardah from Mehram

According to Islam, there is no pardah from Mehram as ALLAH said in the Holy Quran:

“The women may relax (their dress code) around their fathers, their sons, their brothers, the sons of their brothers, the sons of their sisters, the other women, and their (female) servants. They shall reverence Allah. Allah witnesses all things.” [Sura e Al Azab, 33:55]

Is the order of pardah only for women?

Every Muslim should understand this point that the order of pardah is not only for women but it also for men. Many Muslims thinks that the order of pardah is only for women and women must cover themselves otherwise men were distracted due to women but ALLAH clear this misunderstanding by this verse and said in the Holy Quran:

“Say to the believing men that they restrain their eyes and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Surely, Allah is well aware of what they do.” [Sura e Noor, 24:31]

In this verse ALLAH addresses all men and said do not stare at any women and protects themselves from Zinah. So, Holy Quran teaches us pardah is important for both men and women. Muslim women should follow the command of Allah and not go beyond the limits set by our religion۔