Blog Perfection in the Imperfection in Muslim Marriage
Posted on 3/1/2017 in Marriage
Perfection in the Imperfection in Muslim Marriage

Perfection in the Imperfection in Muslim Marriage - NikahExplorer

Marriage is not a perfect relationship. It was not meant to be. There is a lot of imperfection in it. And the greatest proof of it is that Allah has allowed us to separate ourselves from this relationship if it does not work. But Allah has also asked us to work hard for it. So yes, marriage is an imperfect relationship because the people who make up marriage are imperfect. So what do we do when we see this imperfection in such a sacred relationship?

We breathe. Yes. Are you breathing right now? Take a deep breath. And ponder at the intricacies yet the simplicity of this relationship. Close your eyes and recall the time when your marriage was the most perfect thing that had ever happened to you? It was, wasn’t it? Now think about the present. What’s changed? Nothing. And that’s how it should be.

Muslims are asked by Allah not to make their marriage perfect, something that they are always striving to find the perfections in an imperfect relationship. To find the beauty in the ugliness. To find the harmony in the chaos. To find forgiveness in anger. Allah has asked us to find the positives in every negatives, because for every negative emotion, there has to be a positive one too.

And how can you find the perfection in the imperfect? How can you make this one important relationship in your life a cause of your happiness? You find the beauty in your wife’s dressing up even when you hate the colour she is wearing, you buy a matching tie for your husband even when you hate the striped shirts he always wears. That is how you find peace in your relationship, that is how you find perfection. And lastly, your Muslim spouse should make you feel you are the most perfect and beautiful thing that happened to them even when you feel you are not.