Blog Prayer versus Piety – Would you marry?
Posted on 1/17/2018 in Marriage
Prayer versus Piety – Would you marry?

Prayer versus Piety – Would you marry? - NikahExplorer

Allah has asked us to choose a person for ourselves who is a good human being and has faith, who believes in Allah and is honest, who helps the needy and considers the five pillars of Islam the most important. That is the person Allah has asked us to consider for marriage for if we do so, we will fulfill our duty not only in this world but also in the Hereafter because Allah, being pleased with our choice of person to marry, will reward us with the best of the best if we happen to go by the relationship with all honesty and responsibility.

However, what happens if you come across a good and kind person, suitable to marry, but they do not pray their Salah, which is one of the 5 foundations of Islam? Would you still go ahead and marry them inspite of them? Would you choose piety over prayer? No doubt it is a difficult decision. A person who is a good person, kind to others, respects their elders and also believes in the Oneness of Allah but does not pray Salah. Salah and piety go hand in hand. There cannot and should not be one without the other. If a person truly is a good person and believes in the Oneness of Allah then he must also follow the commandments of Allah, and prayer being one of the strongest pillars of Islam.

We must learn to fight the laziness that we have for prayer. A good person is more likely to fight this laziness with a little push from a loved one than the one who has easily given up on the commandments of Allah completely. So don’t say No to marrying that good person because they don’t pray. There is proof that relationships and love change the habits of a person. And while we must not look to change our spouses completely, we should encourage them to go towards Allah’s path by recounting the benefits of prayer. Perhaps they do not know, perhaps they haven’t read the translation of the Quran, or perhaps they are lazy. Whatever the reason, we should accept them. Eventually a time will come that piety and prayer will both be as important and go as hand in hand for the person as is required. IA may we all see that day.