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Posted on 2/19/2018 in Marriage
Praying for Marriage

Praying for Marriage - NikahExplorer

Praying for a successful marriage should be done by all Muslims whether they are married or not. Those who are married should pray to Allah to bless their marriage for as long as they are alive and those that are not married should pray to Allah to give them the best spouse, a life partner who is calmness to their eyes and love to their soul.

It is very simple to pray to Allah for a good spouse. All you need to do is bow down towards him and pour out your heart to him. If your marriage is going through challenges and troubles, you must ask Allah to ease your pain and Allah will listen to you. Remember that Allah has complete knowledge of what is in your heart. Allah says in the Quran “He is closer to you than your jugular vein”. Allah knows that your marriage is in trouble and all He wants is to ask Him for help. To pray to Him. “Pray to Him and He will listen.”

Sure there are no marriages without their ups and downs but once we pray to Allah and leave everything in His hands we should trust Him to make things better for us and to bless our marriage for the better. But we must also try our best to make things well ourselves.

In the same way, Muslims who are not married should pray to Allah to give them a good spouse. We must not pray to Allah to give us a spouse quickly but pray that whenever our life partner comes along they are kind and good people. We should pray to Allah that whoever He grants us is the best option for us. And we must never stop praying. Our prayers need not be loud, they can be spoken or unspoken, they will reach Allah anyway. So we should , as single Muslims or married Muslims, never stop praying to Allah. Praying a good, healthy and successful marriage is what we should do knowing that it is only Allah that will grant that to us.