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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Nikah
Promise for Jannah

Promise for Jannah - NikahExplorer

Very few people in our society enter Muslim marriages keeping in mind the afterlife, the life that Allah has promised you if you are good in this world and the life that you can get possibly with your husband or your wife by your side. That life is called Jannah and that is the life that Allah has promised us. But very few people think of that life when making a decision about marriage. But infact that is exactly what Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) has asked us to do. To marry a person who promises to take you to Jannah.

Allah has asked the Muslim men and women to marry a person whose faith is strong. The belief in Allah is the first thing a person should see in their potential spouse.  The rest of the things are only detail. Because if the foundation is strong, everything will fall in place automatically. Does the person you are about to marry have a strong belief in Allah? Does he/she follow the 5 foundations of Islam to the core? If the answer to that is yes then know that you are about to marry a gem who will in turn promise you Jannah. But if the answer is no, then look further and find another.

So when a Muslim man and woman finally get married, they promise themselves to fulfill tiny details so that their bigger objective, that of entering Jannah, is fulfilled. So the Muslim wife promises to cook, clean, take care of children, manage the household duties, dress up for her husband. And the Muslim husband promises to earn to support his family, give his wife the blessing of children, maintain her, care for her family and raise her status. All this for just one thing and one promise in return. The promise of taking each other to Jannah.