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Posted on 1/24/2018 in Marriage
Put your Spouse First in Marriage

Put your Spouse First in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Human relationships are all very fragile and the one of marriage is even more so no matter how beautiful it is. A little wrong move can put a strain on your marriage and you will find it difficult to recover from it. However, that stage will not come if you tread carefully in your relationship.

Allah asked Muslim men and women to get married, build a relationship and have each other’s back in all good times and bad times. This means putting them first in all your major decisions in your life and supporting them when they themselves come up with decisions for you or the rest of the family. Allah has told us that our spouses are garments for us. This does not only mean that we cover each other’s flaws like clothes cover us but it also means to protect your spouse and their opinions by putting them first.

When your spouse thinks of doing something new, it means encouraging them. When your spouse comes up with new goals for himself or herself it means supporting them in creating those goals together. Having their back and putting them first against all odds also means being with each other in all situations. And this is not a one-time step. It is a constant effort to work on your marriage by living in peace and harmony together just like the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did with his wives. It also means keeping them first in front of your friends and the rest of your family. It means making them a priority in your life so that you can lead a peaceful , drama free life with them. And eventually raise a family with them.