Blog Quality Vs Quantity of Time in Marriage
Posted on 2/7/2017 in Relationship
Quality Vs Quantity of Time in Marriage

Quality Vs Quantity of Time in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Is the quality of time spent with your spouse more important? Or is the quantity of time you spend with them? There is a difference in both and couples who wish to make their marriage successful should know this and be aware of it at every step. Whereas quantity of time spent in marriage is the amount of time a husband and wife spend with each other, it is not necessarily spent bonding with each other. An extreme case scenario would be ofcourse, fighting and arguing with each other. However, there is also the middle scenario where couples are just physically together but have no connection between them. For example a husband is watching the news while the wife sits next to him peeling potatoes for dinner and they don’t say a word to each other. That’s quantity of time spent. They are together, yet there is no bonding. Both have different things on their minds and both are just sitting there, increasing the time they spend with each other. They could be sitting there together for hours and not speak. That’s quantity.

Quality, on the other hand, is a husband spending time with his wife that actually means something, even if it is just 15 minutes in a day. A good example of this would be when a husband comes home late at night but instead of propping himself on the bed, he goes up to his wife, hugs her, kisses her and spends 10 minutes talking about her day, while she makes him tea to remove his tiredness. That brings a smile on the wife’s face and the husband goes to bed happy too. That’s quality.

So is Quantity of time spent between husband and wife in Islam better or quality of time? If both are taken separately and in extremes, both can be detrimental to marriage. Yes both. A great marriage should have a balance between quantity and quality of time spent. For a couple to have a strong relationship, it is important that they spend time together as well as have a conversation and bond. Allah has asked us to honour our marriage by loving our spouses and fulfilling our duties. That includes planning to go out with each other, talk to each other about your day, understand each other’s differences and similarities, and make it a goal to have a successful relationship. A healthy marriage needs both elements so make sure you water this plant carefully.