Blog Questioning Allah’s decision for your marriage
Posted on 1/25/2017 in Marriage
Questioning Allah’s decision for your marriage

Questioning Allah’s decision for your marriage - NikahExplorer

Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) enjoined that is encouraged and recommended for Muslims to marry young as it is recommended that they create offspring and contribute to the ummah of the Prophet (PBUH).  However, because it is recommended to marry young does not mean that we get married to anyone, be it suitable for us or not. In Islam, the process of marriage based on Shariah is a simple one. If a man likes a woman he must ask for her hand in marriage from her parents or take her acceptance in the presence of her parents. Same goes true if a woman likes a man for marriage.

In our society, marriage has been made quite a sensitive topic, especially for the girls. Girls are under constant pressure from society, their parents, their relatives and almost everyone they know to marry young. While this is beneficial for her as she will have maximum time to bear more children, as a society we become insensitive to the feelings of the girl. This leads to girls getting extremely desperate to marry. If , luckily, a nice proposal comes along, it leads to the excitement of the girl, eventually only to be rejected. This leads to the girl questioning Allah’s decree of why she was rejected. Not only with girls, the same is true for men looking to get married too. Losing hope and feeling dejected are one of the most prime reactions of the man and woman who fail to find a spouse for themselves.

In such circumstances, we must remember NEVER to lose hope in Allah. Who are we to question Allah’s decision when He has promised us that whatever He does for us is for the best? Do we not believe that Allah has a plan for our entire life, which includes our marriage? Are we so shallow s to feel that Allah has given us the worst? No we are not. When a marriage proposal comes along and it gets rejected for some reason, are we to be despondent and question Allah? Certainly not. What we are supposed to do is THANK Allah. For every lost opportunity in your sight is a gained opportunity for you in Allah’s. Every closed door in front of you means 5 other doors opening behind you. So will you turn around and look at those open doors or would you continue to stare at the closed one? The choice is yours.

Allah has said in the Quran, and this particular ayah deals with all of life’s issues indeed. “perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.” So have that belief that Allah knows that that marriage that did not take place for you was actually better for you.