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Posted on 1/27/2017 in Relationship
Saying ‘I Love you’ in Marriage

Saying ‘I Love you’ in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Whereas we are expressive about all the other feelings that exist in the world, we often find it difficult to express ourselves when it comes to telling our spouse how much we love them. We take the relationship of marriage for granted, like the air we breathe in and feel that it will always be available with minimal effort. However, the foundation of marriage, according to what Allah has mentioned in the Quran, should be built on “love” and if that foundation on which the relationship was made on is not expressed, and then it will dry up gradually and will not be able to reap more love in the relationship.

It is a great Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) to express his utmost love to his wife. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) even went to the extent of drinking from the same place that his wife had drank from. Then why do we hesitate to say those three words to our spouse? Ofcourse we do love them, it’s not we don’t! Then why?

The reason is that in our society such a blessed relationship as marriage is taken for granted. Soon the individuals who are a part of this marriage also star taking each other for granted and that is when danger creeps into marriage; when the husband and wife feel that they have no need to make the other happy and pleased with them. They feel that a marriage is just another way of life. Another reason is when husband and wife in marriage have seen their parents do the same, and their parents do the same, they are obliged to follow. They do not know that marriage can be made a beautiful way of life if only we learn to express our love for our spouse. They feel that expressing your love in marriage is not “manly enough”. However, that is incorrect thinking because in Islam, your manhood is defined by your expression of love for your woman (wife)

Saying I love you to your spouse occasionally brings positivity in your relationship, it may not make your spouse swoon over you but it WILL make them smile. And that’s all it takes for you to get all of Allah’s blessings showered down on you. And saying as well as hearing it when you’re busy, in a hurry, just come back from a tired day at work is the most beautiful feeling ever. So don’t hesitate to say it to your spouse. Only when a husband and wife LOOK at each other with love Allah showers blessings on them, imagine what would be His reward when they say they love each other.