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Posted on 1/25/2018 in Marriage
Secrets in Marriage

Secrets in Marriage - NikahExplorer

For Muslims getting married is a great Sunnah and highly encouraged in Islam because it brings together two amazing individuals to live together as one and share in life’s happiness and sorrows. It allows them to build a family and raise it and it allows them to be truly garments of each other. However, in order to do that the relationship of marriage should be completely transparent with no place for secrets within the spouses.

Having secrets in marriage is one of the worst things a Muslim husband and Muslim wife can do because it breaks the foundation on which the relationship was built in the first place, which is trust. Secrets are detrimental to their trust no matter if they are kept or found out. Every secret leaves a trail and once that trail is found out, a spouse can never trust again. We as Muslims should understand that shaitaan does not want our marriages to succeed. In an attempt to make them fail he will encourage you to keep secrets from your spouse whispering in your ear that they will never be found out. That same shaitaan will then create means in your head that will eventually lead for the spouse to find out. And then there goes the trust.

This is followed by the checking of the spouse’s phone, their routines and keeping an eye on them. The marriage has already been destroyed. And for what? A lousy secret! We as Muslims are commanded by Allah to live in trust with our spouse. That means having an open relationship with them and keeping your lives and open book for them. Remember, you are sharing your life with them, you LIFE! Keeping a secret is not worth the damage it will do to that life. Don’t break the trust by a single secret, a trust that takes years to build. Be honest in your relationship even if you think it will get you in trouble with your spouse. This is the only way you will be able to honour the promise and commitment you made to them. Be honest. Be open. And communicate. And never keep secrets. Ever.