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Posted on 10/2/2015 in Marriage
Sharing burdens in Marriage

Sharing burdens in Marriage - NikahExplorer

However much a Muslim man and Muslim woman are ready to face the challenges of marriage, when they finally enter the union, they find that they were never prepared. For marriage brings with itself a lot of joy but at the same time brings a lot of difficulties too. Living with a person, getting used to their personality and way of life and trying to be on the same wavelength as them is quite demanding. Only a husband and a wife who have the attribute of patience and who believe that who they have married are indeed perfect for them, will have a successful Muslim marriage because that person understands the universal truth of “with hardship comes ease”. The Muslim man and woman that understand that marriage is not only sharing of joys but also sharing of burdens, will not only be leading a peaceful married life but also pleasing Allah and gaining a ticket to enter Jannah together. The most perfect example of sharing burdens in marriage is of the marriage of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) with Hazrat Khadija. When the truth came down upon Prophet Mohammad and the job of spreading his word of Islam to everyone, he faced a lot of difficulties. Friends turned foe, people slandered him and even went to the extent of pelting him with stones. That was a tough time in our Prophet’s life and that was the time his wife, Hazrat Khadijah, shared all his burdens. About this time, the Holy Prophet narrated that it was “Hazrat Khadijah who was by my side when everyone left me”. THAT is the sort of sharing of burdens we need in our Muslim marriages. Can we carry it off like our dear Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Hazrat Khadijah? Indeed we can. For theirs was a love story that is an example for generations of Muslim marriages to come. Understanding that your spouse’s troubles, worries and challenges are YOUR troubles, worries and challenges is the first step to matrimonial harmony and one that pleases Allah. So don’t leave your spouse alone in their burdens, face your struggles together and then by the grace of Allah, enter paradise together.