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Posted on 3/5/2020 in Relationship
Significance of Marital Relations

Significance of Marital Relations - NikahExplorer

What is the reason behind happiness and inner satisfaction? Some people have concept that by getting money, success, fame and high social status they would be the happiest human beings in the world. Then why millions of people worldwide are suffered with depression and in which even upper class society is also included. It means that money is the need of mankind not the cause of happiness or satisfaction. By money we can fulfill our necessities which are important to spend life but it does not mean to conclude that by money we can overcome our loneliness, bring happiness and peace in life. Then think about it, that is what which is far more important in our lives than money and success. They are relations which become the reason of our happiness, give hope to life, love and support us, maintain tranquility in life and best of all relations are marital relation.

Reason behind our Happiness

Happiness is associated with relations not only with the happiness of relations but also a healthy mind and longer life. Relations are actually linked with our emotions. When we are satisfied with other humans around then we are happy and on the other side we feel so depressed and upset when we have broken relationships. Among relations those which are highly affected on mental condition are marital relations.

Allah says in Quran:

“And they say, "Our Lord, let our spouses and children be a source of joy for us, and keep us in the forefront of the righteous." [25:74]

Without marital relation we are incomplete. Islam says spouses are twin halves of each other so how it is possible that someone become happy or satisfied after break up or separation.

It is mentioned in Hadith that:

“Prophet Mohammad (SAW) stated that: “Men and women are twin halves of each other”. [Bukhari]

What gives us Hope towards Life?

Hope is an important determinant of life as it gives us the reason to live in this world. Spouses bring hope in our life and then offspring because we know that they belong to us so to fulfill their responsibilities we have to live. Love of spouse and children drag us towards life, eliminate stress, increase happiness and enhance the quality of life.

Allah says in Quran:

“O Humans revere your Guardian-Lord, Who created you from a single person created of like nature its mate, and from this scattered (like seeds) countless men and women. Reverence Allah through Whom you claim your mutual rights” [Quran 4:1].

Hadith stats that:

“No house has been built in Islam more beloved in the sight of Allah than through marriage” [Bukhari]

Need of Love and Support

Love is the basic need of life without love life is inadequate. That is the reason Allah has created human being in pairs and placed love and care in hearts for each other.

Allah is mentioned in Quran about spouses that:

“Among His proofs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves, in order to have tranquility and contentment with each other, and He placed in your hearts love and care towards your spouses. In this, there are sufficient proofs for people who think.” [30:21]

Our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) said:

“This world is but provision, and there is no provision in this world better than a righteous wife.” [Muslim]

From above mentioned verses and Hadiths it is concluded that success, fame, even money do not replace the need of a good relationships because these things cannot give us support, love, happiness or hope towards life.