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Posted on 2/24/2017 in Marriage
Simple Pleasures in your Islamic Marriage

Simple Pleasures in your Islamic Marriage - NikahExplorer

We live in a world which is fast moving in every aspect of life. So even in relationships that speedy pace is seen and more so in marriages these days. However, Allah has asked us to tread carefully with our marriage, which is such a sacred relationship. Fast pace in marriages may lead to more harm than good and that is what Allah has explained to us through various verses of the Holy Quran.

Many couples enter into marriage thinking that it is as simple as remembering your spouse’s birthday , going out for dinner once in a month, bringing the household ration and cleaning the house and caring for the children. The truth is much more intricate and detailed than that and that is where the couple makes the mistake of taking the relationship ahead speedily rather than pondering about the intricacies and seeing where what they are doing right and what  they are doing wrong.

The truth is that in Islam Allah has asked us to live in ‘peace’ in marriage. What feeling o you get when you think of peace? Slow , gradual harmony isn’t it? Then why must we rush things in the relationship. Why must we celebrate our spouse’s birthday in a grand fashion every year but not bring them a rose every week? Why must we go for a vacation every quarter with our spouse rather than have a date night every second day? It is because we have forgotten about the simple pleasures that marriage can give us.

And that is exactly where we are wrong. For our marriage to be successful we don’t need grand events to justify the love once in a year. What we need are simple pleasures given from one spouse to another. Simple pleasures could be anything. Even a smile. YES a smile of one spouse to the other is a simple pleasure and has the ability to not only reward you but also forgive all your sins. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that when a husband and a wife look at each other with love, Allah looks at them with mercy. It is as simple as just passing a smile to your spouse. The little joys that could mean so much.

It is reported that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) not only regularly smiled at his wives, joked with them, but also hugged them before leaving the house for Salah and kissed them even though he would be fasting.

So are we prepared to give our spouse the simple pleasures rather than the grand happiness. Sure we are. Let’s try it and attain not only a happier, healthy marriage but also a fulfilling life IA.