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Posted on 2/14/2017 in Nikah
Simplicity in Nikah

Simplicity in Nikah - NikahExplorer

Like all things in Islam that are uncomplicated, marriage too is one of them. A simple Nikah in the presence of witnesses and the man and woman spend the rest of their live together in peaceful matrimony. But how many of us follow the religion for its simplicity? Not many.

No doubt the time of Nikah in your life is a momentous moment and one of the happiest of your life and lays the foundation for the future generations that follow. But do we regard the simplicity with which it should take place?  We hardly do. In this society today, just like everything else that we all like to show off with, getting married into a scared relationship as prescribed by Allah, is one which we do not leave behind in showing off for. True, we must celebrate and invite all our friends and family in the celebrations too but we must NOT spend extravagantly, which unfortunately is the norm these days.

This is because we have got into the rut of impressing people. Impressing people we don’t even like. So if one of our family friends had their daughter’s nikah in one of the biggest lawns in town, we’d have it in one of the biggest air-conditioned banquets in town; if one family invite 500 guests to their son’s nikah, the other would invite a 1000. In an attempt to up one another in society, we have forgotten the actual essence of the beauty of the contract that is called Nikah. Is this making life any easy for your son or daughter? Does spending extravagantly guarantee the success of your marriage? No, it certainly does not, Infact, it is doing the exact opposite though you may not see it at that time.

For example, the money that could be used for the future of the well being of the married couple is spent on extravagant stages and arenas; that money that could have been put to better use in determining an easy financial course for the couple. By over spending that money you are infact taking away the blessing from the marriage and leaving the couple with scarce means.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said about marriage to make it easy and do carry it out if you can afford it. He said " Make Nikah Easy So that Zina will stop" and it certainly will. When young men and women do not feel the pressure to spend so much on a wedding they will be open about the concept of carrying out Nikah and will stay away from haram and zina. So make Nikah simple, folks. Make it easy. And see generations prosper as a result.