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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Marriage
Simplify Your Marriage

Simplify Your Marriage - NikahExplorer

Many of us Allah has blessed with a great education, good food and amazing jobs. Whether we are thankful for them is another matter but we are surely very very busy because of them. Many people say that Allah tests us with hardships and that may be true but another truth is that Allah tests us with ease as well. How many people have you seen who have luxuries of life mentioned in the beginning, a great home and a great bed to sleep in and fall into gratefulness towards Allah at the end of the day? No many. For with great luxuries, comes great work and worldly responsibilities and in turn that affects not only your relationship with Allah, but also with the family you are sharing all these luxuries with. Oh, the irony of it all.

Allah has asked us to strive for the best for ourselves and for our families but at the same time He in His wisdom has asked us not to overdo. He has asked us to give generously to the poor out of that which we earn and He has asked us not to make our life overly hectic such that it ignores our family and marital life.

When schedules are hectic and work life is busy, it leads to a negative effect on your marriage. So the advice I am to give here is to keep your life simple and eventually you will be able to simplify your marriage as well.

Our Prophet (PBUH) had the load of the entire ummah on his shoulders with the responsibility of spreading Islam far and wide, yet he never felt overwhelmed by his responsibilities because he led a simple life which also reflected amazingly on his marital relationships. He was able to give all his wives the time that they deserved and spent quality moments with all of them equally. He slept on the floor and would help his wives tremendously in their household duties.

Hazrat Ayesha (RA) used to say about the Holy Prophet (PBUH): “He would sweep the house, stitch their own clothes, fix their own sandals, water camels, goats milk, to help employees in their work, and eat his meals with them, and he will go and take what we need to market.”

That is the level of help the Holy Prophet (PBUH) provided at home. All this was due to the fact that he led a simple life and hence had time to do the same at home with his family. So follow the Prophet and simplify your marriage and you will find that you are happier, more content, more often.