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Posted on 2/23/2018 in Marriage
Spending Time In Marriage

Spending Time In Marriage - NikahExplorer

In Islam, marriage is not only one of the most important relationships between Allah’s creation and also one of the most beautiful one. However, the beauty in marriage comes through a lot of effort from the husband and wife. It also comes from the simple things ofcourse, like looking into each other’s eyes, looking at your wife with love while she is making the kids do their homework or looking at your husband with adorable eyes as he helps to wash the dishes. However, it is always the case that the simple gestures in marriage are overlooked in an attempt to do bigger ones. We should not let that happen. Sure we should try to surprise our husbands and wives with big parties sometimes, but usually it is the simple things that give spouse pleasures.

One of these simple things to do is to simply spend time with your Muslim spouses. Allah has encouraged togetherness in the Quran when He spoke of the following verse “and lives together in peace and tranquility.” Togetherness and spending time with each other in marriage is important for many reasons. But mostly it is important because it is an investment towards your relationship and the path to togetherness in the Hereafter.

Spending time together for a husband and wife should therefore be one of the top priorities in your life, even more important than a job, even more important than your daily house affairs. In this fast moving world of today it is noticed that people are in the race for earning and competing with each other. This makes them ignore their families and give all their strength to win the race. Husbands, in order to gain a promotion, will stay till late at work and hence will be unable to give time at home to his wife. Wives, in order to be one up against her sister –in-law in front of her mother-in-law will spend more time with her than with her husband. This will eventually make the marriage unhealthy.

This is because by not spending time together in marriage you are losing out on the communication with your spouses. A loss of communication will eventually lead to misunderstandings and that will eventually lead to an unhealthy marriage. So Muslim brothers and sisters, fix the foundation first. Spend more time with your better half. Take a walk together in the park. Speak about your day. Have dessert together. (Not too much!) Manage your time and make it the highest priority. Because with togetherness comes love and with love comes Allah’s blessings.