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Posted on 4/17/2017 in Relationship
Stingy in Marital Love

Stingy in Marital Love - NikahExplorer

When a man and woman in Islam are married they are like garments of each other as mentioned by Allah in the Quran. However, they are also the epitome of love, mercy and forgiveness for each other. The more love and respect you give to your spouse in marriage, the more it will benefit the marriage and gain the pleasure of Allah.

That is why husbands and wives in Islam are asked to show love to their spouses. Not only does love make the relationship stronger, it makes it harder for the shaitaan to penetrate and take it towards destruction because the foundation of the relationship is so strong. But like every positive feeling and attribute you show to your spouse, love should also be vast and true. So here we are to tell you not to be stingy and miserly while showing love to your spouse.

More often than not it is the men who are stingier in love than women. This is an ironic truth because many women pine for love whereas men not so much. Women like to be told all the time that their Muslim husband loves them and cannot live without them, the same is true for the respect shown to husbands. Husbands pine for respect even if the wife is not very expressive about how much she loves him (which she probably is!)

So both husband and wife in Islam are encouraged to show unlimited love and respect to their spouses. Holding back an expression of love, even if it is just a hurried kiss on the cheek, can damage your relationship greatly. There is no denying the power of a small peck on the cheek from a husband to his wife while he goes off to work. Nor is there denying the power of the wife pressing a tired husband’s head with her soft hands after a hard day at work.

So be expressive in love.  Demonstrate the affection you feel for your spouse in marriage and see the barrier of differences closing. When a Muslim husband and Muslim wife make an effort to increase affection between themselves, their relationship gets the blessings of Allah. Remember, stinginess will only take you so far in a relationship and more often than not, it will lead to destruction. Don’t let that happen. Make your expressiveness your supreme power in your Islamic marriage and see the magic take place in the strength of your relationship.