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Posted on 2/8/2017 in Relationship
Strength in Marriage

Strength in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Every relationship needs a considerable amount of strength for it to be successful and the relationship of marriage is no different. However, there is a slight difference in the way this strength can be shown by the two. Strength in marriage is not from both the spouses being strong at the same time, rather from one spouse being strong at a time when the other is weak.

Allah has asked us to have all the elements of patience, compromise, and forgiveness in our marriages together with love, harmony and mercy. While it is easy to fulfill the element of love, it is quite hard to show strength when it comes to patience and compromise. Such emotions can be shown by one spouse at a time. But that doesn’t matter. This is because true strength of marriage IS for one spouse to show forgiveness, for one to show remorse, for one to show patience. That is the only way a marriage can remain strong.

If a marriage has two strong headed people who are unwilling to show patience, unwilling to compromise and unwilling to forgive, the marriage will shatter within days.

Strength in marriage is usually tested when things go wrong. Allah has asked us to be patient and to forgive each other and not give the shaitaan the chance to ruin the marriage which he so wants. So when a couple fights, one of them should stop first. When one spouse is upset, the other should console. When one spouse feels weak, the other should be their strength. That is how marriage will become strong and successful. May Allah make all our marriages strong for years to come.