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Posted on 4/21/2017 in Marriage
Strength in struggles of Marriage

Strength in struggles of Marriage - NikahExplorer

Just like all relationships, marriage too is not a bed of roses. Infact, marriage is much more difficult a relationship to maintain than most relationships because it always two completely different people with different upbringings come together and try to live together for the rest of their lives. That is why Allah has the relationship in such high regard because He Subhanwatallah knows that it would be hard. And that is the reason that Allah has asked us to show strength when you cane struggles in marriage.

There is a difference between struggle in a marriage and struggles during marriage. Whereas struggles in a marriage are between the Muslim husband and Muslim wife which Allah has asked us to handle with care, compassion, forgiveness and compromise, struggles during marriage can be for individual spouses in a relationship too. The husband might be struggling with finances or with his job or the wife might be struggling with cooking. These are every day struggles which may seem trivial in a marriage at first but can grow into big issues if not taken care of at the core.

Allah has asked us to help our spouses when they are facing problems of any sort. What else could it mean for them to live in compassion and love? It means that they not only offer advice to their Muslim spouse when faced with problems but also give them their support and encouragement. Talk to them and build a foundation of trust rather than immediately offering advice and solutions. Building a foundation gives much more strength to the relationship of marriage than speedily trying to solve them.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) always used to advise his companions to solve their spouse’s problems by giving examples of his own life knowing that once trust and companionship is built among the husband and the wife it would be easy to solve their problems because now Allah’s blessings are upon them and no matter how many troubles come their way, the problems will easily solve themselves in time. So work on creating that strength in marriage that will enable you to solve each other’s problems and struggles and you will see a marked change Insha Allah.

When your spouse is facing any kind of struggle, remember that your spouse will probably need your encouragement and support much more than your advice. Don’t just try to just “fix” the problem. Start by building a foundation of commitment and support for each other, then the solutions will usually start to present themselves inshaAllah!