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Posted on 2/7/2017 in Relationship
Taking your spouse for granted

Taking your spouse for granted - NikahExplorer

While Muslim marriage has been decreed as a relationship where both the husband and wife work together to make it work, almost always equality does not take place when they are fulfilling the responsibilities of the marriage. This is natural as both the people in the relationship are humans and are bound to make mistakes.

However, one aspect about marriage that all couples should be careful about is NOT taking their spouses for granted. This almost always occurs when one or both the spouses have a set of expectations from their better halves. Most of the times those expectations are fulfilled but sometimes they are not. When the times when they ARE fulfilled, the spouse starts talking the other for granted saying “Well this is his responsibility, he has to do it” or when the husband says “Well she has to cook, she signed up for it when she married me”.

Such statements are extremely unpleasant and are taken in bad taste. Some couples don’t make the statements rather their actions show that they are taking their husbands or wives for granted. The biggest way this can be seen is when they don’t appreciate each other and that’s where you find out. Lack of appreciation. Being so selfish and self centered that you do not see the sacrifices your husband is making to provide for the family or the level of patience your wife is showing while dealing with your rowdy children or your mother.  

A dangerous assumption because of this is that when you take your husband or wife for granted you assume that they will always be there for you to do whatever you ask them to. This may be true sometimes but when there is no appreciation ever, then a time will come when your spouse has had enough and will not do what you very proudly took for granted.  She won’t cook you your favourite meal, or he won’t give you extra pocket money.  Why would they, if they see lack of love, appreciation and respect for what you do?

So we must remember not to take the actions of our spouses for granted. Every once in a while we must smile, hold their hand and say thank you. We must laugh with them, make time for them and just appreciate their existence in our life.