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Posted on 9/17/2018 in Marriage
Taking your spouse for granted

Taking your spouse for granted - NikahExplorer

Marriage is a relationship in which both the spouses should make sure not to take the other for granted. Many of us deny ever doing such a thing with a spouse but most of us are infact guilty of the same. So what does taking your spouse for granted actually mean? And why has Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) displayed so much displeasure for it?

Taking your spouse for granted does not only mean becoming habitual to your spouse’s good deeds but it also takes place when you do not appreciate your spouse enough. Assuming that your spouse knows that you care for them and love them is not the right thing to do. Infact we should make it a point to keep communicating it to them. Ofcourse you love your spouse, but it won’t hurt for you to tell that everyday, for example. Ofcourse your husband appreciates that you cook for him and his family everyday but telling them their food was tasty would do no harm. That is what NOT taking your spouse for granted means.

Appreciating them, complimenting them and telling them that you are there for them just like they are for you is very important. Your spouse should never feel that they are just being used. That is an extremely selfish thing to do. You should give them their due importance and know that they will not always be there for your bidding whenever you need them. Allah has prescribed compliments for a healthy marriage because if you keep taking your spouse for granted there will come a time when your spouse will have had enough and will want to leave the toxic relationship. And if that happens you will receive the displeasure of Allah.

So don’t let your marriage reach that stage where your relationship begs to be saved. Do the little things to make your spouse happy. Love and respect them every single day. Appreciate them and compliment them. And IA you will not only have a healthy marriage but a happy one.