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Posted on 9/17/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Team  work in Marriage

Team work in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Marriage is a team effort and Muslim husbands and wives should both understand this. Marriage is not just a set of wedding functions that our society has come to believe but it is a lifetime of commitment and love. Just like in all relationships marriage needs to have a lot of teamwork. This means there should be compromise, respect and certain mutual goals that both the husband and the wife have.

Muslim couples must understand that your spouse is your team mate, not your servant. They do not work for you, nor you for them. You have been brought together in a union by Allah and He has prescribed that you live together in harmony and peace, compromise and forgiveness. Sure, Allah has made the man the leader because “he supports them within their means” but even a leader needs a good team to work with.

Allah has given equal rights to both the husband and the wife in marriage. They are both to live within their means, eat the same food, wear the clothes that they can afford and live under the same roof. In short they are both to have equal status and responsibilities in the marriage. Hence in Islam the relationship of marriage is considered team work and not for an instant should we think that we are operating in our marriage as two separate individuals.

Team work takes place in marriage when the wife cooks food and it’s too spicy yet the husband eats it so that the kids don’t create a fuss. Team work is when the husband comes home late after work and the kids have slept but the wife/mother promises them that their father will take them out to the theme park the next day. Team work takes place when the husband doesn’t need to ask his wife how much she spent on household items and she doesn’t need to ask him how much he earns. Team work takes place when they are truly garments of each other, protecting, maintaining and loving each other, keeping each other’s secrets and respecting each other. That is what team work in marriage means.

Hence when you are choosing a life partner for yourself make sure that you think you can work together with them as a team. Team work will be needed for the rest of your life so ensure you choose the right member for it.