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Posted on 2/9/2017 in Marriage
The enemy of marriage

The enemy of marriage - NikahExplorer

In Islam marriage is one of the most sacred of relationships and hence its enemy is one of the most evil creatures, the shaitaan itself. Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) has told us that there is one creature that is the enemy of this sacred relationship and that is the shaitaan, who feels happy when married couples fight and whose mission is to separate as many Muslim couples from each other as possible. So when a couple fights with each other, it is not a fight with themselves, rather it is a fight with shaitaan and guess who is winning that fight? The shaitaan.

The enemy of marriage is hence the devil. However, when we separate the devil in parts we see elements, all of them negative, which become the enemy of marriage. One of them is selfishness. The heart wants what the heart wants. Often, in order to fulfill these needs of the heart, we become selfish. And it is no different in relationships that we have. When we put our needs above the needs of our spouses, we have entered into the dangerous territory of selfishness. And when we have done that, we care little for the needs of our spouses. This attitude becomes the enemy of marriage. Just like the element of selfishness there are many more elements that invariably the shaitaan puts in us that we have to fight and protect against to save our marriages.

What is needed is protection of your marriage with the help of Allah. When we completely leave our affairs to Allah, when we pray 5 times a day and ask for His help in fulfilling our marital duties He will fight the shaitaan for us and put in our hearts the selflessness that our spouses deserve. We will get that feeling of putting their desires, needs and dreams above ours and we will do everything in our power to do so.  So we must fight the enemy of marriage systematically by coming closer and closer to Allah. As Allah has himself said “Remember me and I will remember you.”