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Posted on 1/19/2017 in Marriage
The Formula to ask Allah for Marriage

The Formula to ask Allah for Marriage - NikahExplorer

Muslims are encouraged to get married young because Allah has said in the Quran that he has made humans in pairs, a man and a woman are to live with love and mercy so that the generation on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is increased. However, many people are not able to get married at the right age and fulfill half their faith as per the tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Such people can only rely on the praying to Allah and asking for Him to bless them with a great life partner. The formula to getting the perfect spouse for yourself is not only to pray to Allah but ask Him for the right things to be in your partner. The magic formula to asking Allah for a perfect marriage is hence based on asking Him for three things:

  1. Asking Allah to give you someone who will remind them of Allah Himself. Your partner should be such that they fulfill all the commandments of Allah, not only follow all the 5 principles of Islam but to reflect those principles in their daily lives. Someone who is good to others, kind to their neighbours, fulfills the rights of their fellow beings, does not cheat or malign people and is honest, truthful and disciplined. Such a person is the perfect example of what Allah expects from us and that is the way your spouse should be. If you meet a potential spouse and you see all the qualities mentioned in him/her, know that that is a person who will remind you of Allah and that is how you should ask Allah for.
  2. You should ask Allah for a person who has the capability to hold your hand in Jannah. This world is not only about spending it with the person you love, your spouse, and fulfilling the worldly duties, it is also about taking care of your spouse’s Hereafter. Your responsibilities include making sure that not only you but your spouse also goes to Jannah. So chose a person for yourself who can fulfill that responsibility; who can take you to the path of Jannah holding your hand and not letting it go. Ask Allah for a person who does good in this world and makes you do good too. A very cute example is a husband making up for Fajr prayers and making up his life too, therefore clearing the path for both to go to Jannah.  And the travel doesn’t end there. Ask Allah for a person who stays with you in Jannah, and continues to hold your hand.
  3. Ask Allah for a person who will heighten your faith in Allah, who will pray with you, fast with you and go to Hajj with you. Ask Allah for a person who reads the Quran with you and prays together. And who, because of this, will not only give benefit to their own imaan but also your imaan as Allah will be giving you collective reward for this.

So remember, ask Allah for the right thing, make your dua count when you ask Allah for a spouse. Follow this magical formula and InshaAllah you will get a spouse who will take you to Jannah!