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Posted on 2/8/2017 in Relationship
The Fuel of Marriage

The Fuel of Marriage - NikahExplorer

Yes sometimes we just have to compare marriage to a car that needs fueling to kick-start itself and then give you a wonderful and peaceful ride. And so marriage needs fuel too. And the most important fuel that marriage requires is LOVE.

Allah has said in the Quran “And live with them in love and harmony”. Allah has said “love” and has explained it to be the most significant of attributes in a marriage. Love that not only encompasses physical closeness but emotional attachment as well. And love is something that cannot be bought off as soon as you are married. It is a feeling that is slowly and gradually built into the husband and the wife for each other through certain actions. What could be the actions that fill the heart of a wife with love for her husband and vice versa? The answer is: the simple things they do.

The holy Prophet (PBUH) was very expressive about his love to his wives. He used to drink water from the same place that Hazrat Ayesha had drunk from the glass and he used to talk to them sweetly, give them compliments and be with them when they needed him. That fuel that one talks about that is love, is also to be shown and expressed often.

In our daily routine and business with family, in-laws, work and household chores we forget to display the love to our spouses and just like the car stops moving when there is no fuel, the spark in marriage will fade if love is not expressed for each other. If you really want your marriage to progress, you must show your love to your spouse in every way that you can.

They say in movies that they can bring down the stars for their wives and husbands, but a great marriage does not need such elaboration. A great marriage can happen even with small gestures of love, a flower, a kiss, a touch on the cheek, a smile. THESE are amazing displays of love. THIs means that you are indeed fueling your marriage and you are indeed on the right track! And it also means that you want to spend the rest of your life with your spouse no matter what.

So keep giving your marriage that fuel of love that it needs and you will IA have little to complain in your beautiful journey of life.