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Posted on 2/7/2017 in Marriage
The wait till getting married

The wait till getting married - NikahExplorer

Lots of people, after reaching marriageable age, take it for granted that they will get married very soon and things will go as they planned. So they finish their studies, get a job and look for a bride or a groom. Sometimes, fate agrees and you find just the perfect match to get married to and sometimes you don’t.  And when you DON’T find your perfect partner that’s when you start thinking, was there something wrong with my plan? Was it wrong to plan itself? How much longer till I get married? How much do I have to wait?

So you’ve graduated and you’ve got that great job and you’re ready to get married but you just cannot seem to find anyone. You get frustrated. In such a situation what should you do? The very easy and simple answer it, turn to Allah. And when I say turn to Allah I don’t just mean pray to him to give you a great partner (though you should keep doing that profusely too!!).

I mean, submit yourself to Allah. Give that Being that MADE you the praise that He deserves. Kneel down in front of him. Raise your hands towards Him. Do Dhikr. And keep doing it. Do not stop. Fall in love with Him. And leave everything to Him.

When you submit yourself to your Creator, that’s when, essentially, your wait, your restlessness and your anxiety will end. When you leave everything to Him alone, knowing full well that He has planned your entire life for you so He would have planned your perfect marriage too and trusting Him with that, when you have done that, THAT is when your wait has ended. Not when you have physically found a person. So trust Allah. Be confident of his promise of making his creation in “pairs” and know that he will give you the right person at the right time. But know that your wait had ended long before that.