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Posted on 2/28/2017 in Relationship
Third Person in Muslim Marriage

Third Person in Muslim Marriage - NikahExplorer

When Allah has given an extremely high status to the relationship of Muslim marriages He expects us to make it work as best as we can. Allah does not say our marriages have to be perfect but He says that they should be full of love and harmony, of compromise and patience, of excitement and forgiveness. Allah tells us that because He knows that try how much we may, we can never make our marriage perfect as perfection is an attribute of Jannah. Allah says in the Quran ‘With hardship comes ease”. This emans that whereas Allah acknowledges that you will face troubled times in all your relationships and life in general, including your marriage, He ALSO says that ease will come with it. And that is what we have to work towards. The “ease” in marriage.

To bring about the attribute of ease in marriage we must firstly eliminate all third parties. When I say “third person” in the heading of this blog post, I do not only mean a physical person. Third person in marriages signify all things that distract you from your spouse and make you drift away from them eventually. Ofcourse, it could be a person too. But more than that, in this day and age, technology is also a contributor to spouses spending less and less time with each other. Couples spend time on social media rather than conversing with their own spouses. Phones, laptops and many apps on them become supreme, more important than the person you pledged to spend your time and life with. THAT is the third person in the marriage and that must be removed or at most avoided.

Sure the Muslim husband and wife are extremely social people and love hanging out with friends and family which they should. But to have a healthy marriage, once in a while it is encouraged that the husband and wife spend time alone as well, just the two of them. Without a third person. Or a group of persons. The restaurant you went out with your friends , try that restaurant again with just your wife or your husband and see the difference. You will be successful in creating your own romance when its just the two of you and your love for each other will grow, all without a third party involved.

Try it sometimes. Let the third person go away from your lives for a bit, if not more. And see Allah bless your marriage and bring ease in it