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Posted on 4/4/2018 in Marriage
Tips for a Healthy Muslim Marriage

Tips for a Healthy Muslim Marriage - NikahExplorer

Lots of Muslims around the world claim that their marriages are happy and they are content in them. But how many of us can claim that our marriages are healthy? A healthy Muslim marriage is stressed a lot by Allah and was also always talked about by our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) . A healthy marriage is not just a series of happy events and good things happening everyday. A healthy marriage is not an exotic honeymoon. A healthy marriage is a marriage in which the husband and the wife understand that they are two different individuals who have come together in an imperfect life and are ready to make the most of it, be it good or bad. And accepting that along with good days there will be bad days and along with happiness there will be sadness.

A lot has been spoken about maintaining healthy marriages but the most important tips that can contribute to a healthy marriage are ones that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) did himself. What better example do we have to follow than him?

We as Muslims should believe that we as humans are flawed for this world because Allah did not make us for this world, He made us for Jannah. So in this world we are flawed. But at the same time we should think the best of our spouses. Accepting that our spouses will make mistakes, we should always be positive about their good qualities rather than brood on their bad ones. Allah himself has said that if you find a bad quality in your wife, you are also likely to find many good qualities in her as well. So think of them as the best version of yourself. Admire them for what they are and maybe what you are not.

Muslims marriages will be healthy if both spouses take it upon themselves to help in the house chores. House chores are not the responsibility of the wife alone. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to help his wife wash the dishes and also cook and clean. In our society, this task is expected to be done by the wife only, leading to frustrated wives and an unhealthy marriage. Don’t let that happen.

Patience and compromise in marriage is one of the most important formulas in keeping a marriage healthy. You know your life is not a bed of roses and there will come situations where you will not agree with your spouse or there will be major conflicts between you two. Be patient. Be compromising. Communicate and try to work out a solution beneficial for both. Every problem has a solution. Work towards it together rather than garnering ill-feelings and making your marriage unhealthy. Keep communicating and don’t let the communication stop.

Be intelligent about discussing your financial obligations and problems with your spouse. Many marriages fail because one or the other spouse is not open about their finances. Money, in today’s day and age, is something that can build and break relationships in an instant. Don’t let money come in between your marriages. Communicate about money frequently and always. Always. Make your marriage healthy. And therefore make it happy.