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Posted on 5/4/2020 in Marriage
Tips to make Marriage Simple and Beautiful

Tips to make Marriage Simple and Beautiful - NikahExplorer

Islam is the easiest religion across the globe. Islam has suggested making marriage simple and beautiful so that people who cannot afford high expenses do not fear of getting married. It does not mean that Islam has completely forbidden people to spend money on their weddings. Islam encourages celebrating happiness but unless and until that celebration become burden or hurt someone else. This is why Islam suggests making marriage simple where it becomes burden and pain for any of the party.

As Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said, “The best wedding is that upon which the least trouble and expense is bestowed" (Mishkat).

Each of us expects to be unique about their wedding day and this should be so. However from a secular perspective, having to spend endless hours and money to do so is not just unhealthy.

This also puts undue pressure from the group on prospective, brides and their parents and also to grooms to suit the pattern. This is time we resurrected simpler marriages in the Sunnah. Below are a few ways to get started and plan the simpler marriage in a beautiful way.

1. Keep the Wedding Menu Simple

Food is one of the most important things every person is concerned of in wedding. Bride’s parents are one, who feels the most burdens when it comes to the preparations of their daughter’s marriage. They have to take a lot of things in considerations and along that food is the biggest concern. On the other hand food is also the major thing for the groom and groom’s family as well. So, in order to not make food a problematic thing, Islam has suggested to make the meal of wedding simple.

Providing the greatest sort of meal to your guests is a good hospitality which is a symbol of Muslim culture. This can be achieved without delivering ten different styles of dinner entrances or three styles of desserts.

Lastly, do not even mind contributing any leftover food after event in somewhere like a shelter or poor families in the city. Because feeding poor is the best practice in Islam.

2. You can wear your Parents’ Apparel or borrow some good dress

Consider a personal significance of clothing wedding attire of your parents. To wear your mother’s bridal attire being a girl on the special day of wedding is the most beautiful feeling. Similarly, being a man and wearing his father’s attire is also the most soulful feel. This idea is unique, touchy and even less expensive. Thus, those who cannot afford the bridal dress and jewelry can follow this way of getting dressed and looking absolutely beautiful in her wedding day. Same goes for men as well.

3. Given New Sense to Gifts

We have talked that how we can minimize the expenditure of food and clothing and this is to make ease for those who are getting wed and who have to make preparations. Now, if we talk about guests who usually hesitate to attend weddings because they have to pay handsome amount in envelope. Thus, in order to make gifts easier to pay, one of the best things can be done which is also practicing by number of engaged couples in the United States.

What people should do is to either put at wedding cards or to tell the guests in any way that donate that amount which you would be giving us on wedding. They can mentioned the name of the charity house, if they want.

In these difficult economic times, it not only liberates the guest from the requirement to send a large sum of cash as just a wedding present. It also gives them the chance to do a great deed personally, depending on their own capacity for giving.