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Posted on 1/27/2017 in Relationship
Travelling with your Muslim spouse

Travelling with your Muslim spouse - NikahExplorer

Spending more and more time with your spouse is a great Sunnah in Islam and it seeks the pleasure of Allah the most. There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that when a husband and a wife look at each other with love, Allah looks at them with mercy. Allah blesses the couple who spends time together, love each other and become garments of each other in the true sense.

In our busy schedules of this worldly life, however, it is difficult for a couple to spend a great deal of time with each other. Husbands are busy trying to support their wife and children according to the commandments of Islam and wives are busy building a home for their family. In such a fast moving world, the best way for the Muslim husband and wife to spend time with each other is to travel together.

Travelling together for a husband and wife can be done in different stages of their marriage, it could be done in the beginning and also later on ahead after having children and even after your children are married. At every stage of marriage, travel teaches you something new and gives a new perspective to the couple. They learn about each other in ways that they could not had they been busy in their lives in the real world. But travelling takes you away from your daily routine and brings freshness to life. Husbands and wives must hence embrace it with pleasure and make the most of their alone time together. Travelling can hence be the most rewarding of all life experiences with your spouse. It need not be months of travelling, only a few days are great and is the perfect recipe to refresh your marriage.

It is also a very challenging experience as you learn about your spouse’s living habits and ways and at first that can be very daunting. Some habits you like and others set your teeth on edge. And since you are travelling, you cannot take a break. There is no escape! However, the pleasures associated with travel and the good it does to the soul of marriage is something to talk about. It strengthens your relationship with your spouse and inspires you to travel the world around with them and one day, travel to Jannah with them too IA.