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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Nikah
Trust in Muslim Marriages

Trust in Muslim Marriages - NikahExplorer

A healthy Muslim marriage is built on love, friendship, peace harmony and most importantly a foundation of trust. When a man and woman marry in Islam it is a promise between both of them that they will love and honour the sacred relationship of marriage. This means that they should fulfill their promise and keep their relationship as transparent between them as possible.

Allah says in the Holy Quran:  “…And they (women) had taken from you a firm pledge.” (Al-Nisa 4:21)

The pledge made at the time of marriage is hence very important. Sadly, in these modern times we have forgotten the importance of the pledge we make at marriage and instead break the promise and keep breaking it at every step in our relationship. The institution of marriage that is termed as so beautiful by Allah, the one that the Holy Prophet encouraged for all mankind is being made uglier day by day by the people. In today’s society the term “trust in marriage” has lost all its meaning. Infidelity is on the rise and people do not respect their marriages anymore.

In such times it is advisable to turn to the Quran, the guidance of Allah and the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). We must also understand that while love is fleeting, it may be there and disappear for a while, the bond of marriage is sacred and must be protected. So protect yourselves. Protect yourselves from going astray in your marriage and becoming a target for shaitaan who would like nothing better than to ruin your perfect marriage. Remember that when a husband and a wife fight, it is not a fight among themselves rather it should be a fight between them and the shaitaan.

Trusting your partner in marriage involves the work of both the husband and the wife. Both should not do anything that arises suspicion between the two. For example, a man should not praise another woman in front of his wife. In the same way the wife should not praise another man in front of the husband. Such utterances, which may look small at the time, can give rise to bigger calamities in marriage as it is not difficult for the shaitaan to misguide you and bring suspicion in your hearts. Remember that the shaitaan is experienced and he has done this before; ruined marriages, created suspicion and destroyed relationships. Don’t let yourself be his next target.  Women should know that they are not to invite another man in the house in the absence of her husband and the same is true for men.

Building on trust and loyalty with your spouse is important. Not only keeping negativities and suspicions out of the way helps but also having a positive attitude helps a lot. Tell your wife how much you love her, make your husband feel he is your king, tell your wife you are precious to him, and wish your husband a great day! Such things increase the level of trust spouses have for each other and are indeed building blocks for a relationship with no loyalty issues at all. May Allah take us to the path of loyalty and love in our marriages.