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Posted on 1/16/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Valuing opinions in marriage

Valuing opinions in marriage - NikahExplorer

Your spouse is your partner and your garment in marriage. Marriage is just not a relationship it is also a partnership. When you’re in a partnership like marriage that will last your entire life you need to treat your spouse like a real partner and value their opinions immensely. Yes there will be disagreements and you will both not always agree on the same things but for your partnership to work it is important to do so.

Valuing the opinions of your spouse is not always easy. Many people in relationships are controlling and would like their own way when it comes to making decisions that affect a marriage. This is not limited to just the husband but the wife too, can be dominant and not value the opinions of the husband. This is discouraged in Islam because the foundation to a healthy marriage is togetherness, not just physically but also togetherness in decision making.

For your marriage to be healthy and successful it is important that your spouse feels that they are an equal in the marriage and what they think matters as much as what you think, even if the thoughts are completely different. The decisions you make will eventually be one and not both, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you value your spouse’s opinion and explain to them how you think your point of view is much more convenient or better (without sounding arrogant about it). If you treat your spouse like what they are bringing to the table is useless and does not matter they will not only feel left out but also demotivated in investing in the marriage. This will bring about unhealthiness in the marriage.

Be serious about what your spouse thinks, be it putting getting groceries for the house or installing a new shower in the bathroom. Everything requires their opinion and your support for it. Listen to them and make them feel that they matter. Only then will your marriage be as healthy as we strive for it to be.