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Posted on 1/2/2016 in Marriage
Virtual Relationships Outside Marriage

Virtual Relationships Outside Marriage - NikahExplorer

In today’s day and age, while Muslims still consider marriage a great and fulfilling institution based on the principles of Islam and may try to follow it with all their heart and soul, there are certain factors no doubt based on the rising use of technology that bring into question the debate of whether Muslim couples REALLY adhering to the principles of Islam when being in their in the relationship of marriage? Are they really being loyal to their spouses? The topic of loyalty between couples has now, with the rapid rise of internet usage and social media, has a much broader scope. Are Muslim husbands and wives actually really being loyal to each other now?

Islam gives very strict guidelines of interaction between men and women, those who are married and those who are not. For those men who are not married to a woman, they must “lower their gaze” when they see one or interact with one if absolutely necessary. The same rule holds true for Muslim women who interact with a man who is not their spouse. Interaction and meeting is allowed between such men and women only in the presence of the woman’s ‘mehram’. However, does the same rule hold true, when for example, a Muslim man or woman interact with the opposite gender on the internet or social media? The simple answer is YES.

Virtual relationships, in today’s society and day and age, are very common. Writing to each other over the internet, chatting, video conferencing and whatsapping are a just a few of the mediums used to do so. Ofcourse, such relationships between single boys and girls is also frowned upon by Allah, but it gets worse when married couples engage in virtual relationships with the opposite gender too.

“I’m just chatting with her, not having an affair, relax!” is what the husband says to his frowning wife when she sees him do so. What the husband does not realize is that by “chatting” he has now opened the door to shaytan in his apartment, who will meticulously trick him to slowly do more than just chatting.  He will start hiding the chatting with his wife, maybe block her off his social media too, then continue to chat and finally he will be lured by that same shaitaan to meet her and eventually have an affair with her. ONLY because that person opened the door to chatting, that horrid virtual relationship.

So eventually what started out as a virtual relationship outside marriage becomes a sinful relationship and finally becomes adultery. THAT is how dangerous the internet is for married couples.  And the first sign that you had got that it was wrong and that you should stop doing it, was when your wife gave you that frown. So realize. Realize the importance of the institution of marriage and don’t let the new technology, which ofcourse shaitaan uses to lure you, let you fool you. Focus on your marriage and your REAL relationship with your spouse. And once again, if you wouldn’t want your spouse to know, you should stop doing it now. NOW before it is too late.