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Posted on 4/12/2018 in Muslim Marriage
Ways to make Marriage a Priority

Ways to make Marriage a Priority - NikahExplorer

In today’s day and age and in the rut of this modern world where we as humans have so many priorities we forget to give one of the most important relationships in our lives the due importance that it deserves. Allah asks us to make our marriages our top most priority because it is one of the most loved relationships in the eyes of Allah but we fail to do so because the craziness of this technological world gets to us.

However, we as Muslim husbands and wives, still have hope. If we really want to bring back our marriage to the highest priority we just need to follow a few simple rules as faithful Muslims who believe in Allah and the Last Day. It all begins with what you really want out of your marriage. Do you want to stay in your marriage forever? Do you want your spouse to be not only your companion in this world but also in the hereafter? Then follow these simple rules and make your awesome marriage amazing!

• Devotion to Allah: The most important yet often neglected thing that spouses must have together, not only individually, is devotion to Allah. They must make it a point to pray together in front of Allah and remind each other of their prayer timings, wake each other for Fajr and motivate each other to pray the Quran. Showing devotion to Allah together will make Allah bless their marriage and He will put in their heart the importance of their relationship and reinvigorate the strength in their marriage.

• Give Space to your spouse: It is very important for the spouse to understand that the other has to have space in the relationship. Their own time, their own hobbies, their own likes and dislikes. The spouse should realize that they are 2 different people and that do have separate likes, feelings etc. That is why it is important to give them that space to carry out those likes. This builds strength in the relationship and makes the spouse realize the priority of it.

• Equality in love: A Muslim husband and wife should realize that they both, while different human beings have similar wants of love from their spouses. Love and respect go hand in hand. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to shower his wives with love and they did the same in return. He used to say about his wife Hazrat Khadijah that “I was nourished by her love”.

• Accept imperfections: Allah has asked Muslim husbands and wives to live in peace and compromise. This means that He knows that we will have to be patient with the imperfections of our spouse in the same way that they are patient with ours. We are all flawed and we should accept that our spouses would be flawed too. Accepting imperfections of your spouse ensures that your priority for this marriage is high and that you would compromise to make it work.

• Strive for eternity together: And lastly, if you really want to make your marriage high priority once again, you must strive for gaining Jannah together with your spouse.