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Posted on 2/15/2017 in Marriage
Winning and Losing in Marriage

Winning and Losing in Marriage - NikahExplorer

Marriage is such a relationship where it is extremely common to have disagreements which take the form of arguments. Allah understands that when two people of different personalities come together there will be sparks, there will be uncommon characteristics between them that clash and hence there will be fights. However, Allah has asked us to protect ourselves during and after such situations. Allah has asked us to guard our relationship of marriage by referring to the spouse’s as each others’ garments. And garments cover and protect you.

So when an argument takes place between a husband and a wife in Islam realize that there is no winning the argument, neither is there any losing of the argument. You and your spouse are not on different sides, you’re both on the same side and hence neither of you will win or lose an argument.  The only being that is affected when a Muslim husband and wife argue is the shaitaan. So if the couple smile and patch up after an argument, know that the person who has lost is the shaitaan. And if the husband and wife sleep the night while being angry at one another after an argument, know that shaitaan is the winner.

So you must remember that your marriage is team work. You are two different people but you are both functioning as one to make your relationship work. So you must also reach solutions to your problem as one by talking it out and working together as a team. And the mechanics of working as a team is that you both lose or you both win. So make the ratio of your relationship a winning one! Pray to Allah and together work towards a prosperous future and then realize that you’re not winning or losing as an individual but that you’re defeating the shaitaan together.