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Posted on 2/20/2016 in Nikah
Worship and Marriage – The Balance

Worship and Marriage – The Balance - NikahExplorer

The Prophet (PBUH) has regarded the act of marriage in Islam as one that completes half your faith so ofcourse it has a great importance in the sight of Allah, as entering into this sacred relationship means that you’re already half Muslim, so a lot more closer to Jannah than the rest.  However, the rest of the faith of a Muslim is dependent on the other practices that the Muslim follows, those that are apart from his marriage.

Allah has asked us, for the sake of being a good Muslim, to follow the commandments of Islam. The foundation of Islam, the 5 pillars of our religion command us to worship Allah. That is where the catch occurs in marital relationships, the need to keep a balance between your marriage and the worship of Allah.

Most Muslim couples fail to keep this balance and follow two different extremes. Either they are completely immersed in religion and forget to give their spouses the due attention that they need, or they are completely focused on their marriage and the worldly happiness and miseries they bring and forget to worship Allah. This is a dangerous trick of the shaitaan, who has completely made the situation a lose lose for Muslim man or woman who is married. Because the shaitaan knows that by pushing the Muslim towards either of the two extremes will not be beneficial for them.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) always kept a balance between his worship towards Allah and the companionship of his wives. Not for once did he make his wives feel that they were getting less attention or that the due love to them was not being given along with responsibilities. The life of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) can hence be used as an example for us, that when you neglect your spouse or your family for the purpose of worshipping, you are doing no favour to yourself because that is the time that you are actually running away from important responsibilities in your life. Do you for even a minute think that Allah would reward you for that worship? Do you even think that Allah needs that worship? No. Allah needs you to be balanced in this life with all your affairs, especially your commitments towards the institution of marriage.

In the same way, if a person, having completed half their faith by marriage, only focuses on it and neglects his duties to Allah, that person is in trouble. These people think they have achieved Jannah by fulfilling half their deen but in reality, by ignoring the remembrance of Allah they are infact subtracting the favours and blessings that Allah gave them as a result of entering into marriage. Only being focused on your spouse and NOT to thank Allah for the lovely marriage that HE has blessed you with is infact a great disservice to yourself. So remember to be balanced between your marriage and your worship to make Allah truly happy with the relationship.