Blog Your Muslim Marriage as an example to your children
Posted on 4/17/2017 in Relationship
Your Muslim Marriage as an example to your children

Your Muslim Marriage as an example to your children - NikahExplorer

You followed the most perfect example of marriage when you got married to your Muslim spouse, the life and marriage of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and you made sure that your marriage was blessed by Allah by following in his footsteps. Now you’re married and you have children and you’re still a part of that marriage. How can you ensure that now YOUR marriage is an example?

By continuing to do so.

When a man and a woman get married they begin a new life together of dreams and happiness. But their lives are not always perfect for with hardship comes ease, says Allah in the Quran. Allah has asked us to portray love, mercy, compassion in our marital relationship but he has also asked us to portray compromise, forgiveness and patience. This means that He knows that our marriage will be a ride of ups and downs.

But in that ride are we trying our best to follow the example of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)? Are we believing in our husbands as much as Hazrat Khadijah believed in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) when he told her he has been sent down by Allah as Prophet to spread the message of Islam? Are we joking with our wives like Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did with his wives? Are we helping our wives out in the kitchen like he did? Are we displaying our love to them in words and expressions and actions? And most of all are our children noticing how we treat our spouses, their mothers and fathers?

Our children are the future of the world. They are the generation of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It is our responsibility to have our marriage as amazing so as to serve as a great example for our children who watch us day and night. Show them what true love, true companionship in a marriage means. Make them look at your marriage and want to get married themselves and show the same level of compassion and love for THEIR spouse. You followed in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) when you got married. A child follows in the footsteps of their parents. Your child will follow yours AND Prophet Mohammad’s. Make sure your footsteps are the right ones.