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The Importance of your Comments

Your comments on Nikah Explorer Blog are extremely important to us as they help us decipher the opinions of millions of Muslims around the world and help us get an insight into their experiences and thoughts about Muslim Marriages. By using our website, Nikah Explorer, as a platform to voice your opinions you are not only helping us improve our services but are also helping millions of Muslims around the world by portraying to them the beauty as well as the reality of marriage. Thank you for trusting us with your comments and valuable experiences.

General Guidelines of Commenting

Nikah Explorer not only helps you find your perfect match but also seeks to bring forward various Muslim marital topics and issues of our society in the form of articles and blogs. Through our Blog section we hope to encourage Muslims around the world to read and present their opinions and experiences in the form of comments.

Following are the guidelines of Commenting that Muslims on Nikah Explorer should follow:

Ethical Language: We at Nikah Explorer try our best to upload blogs and opinions of writers that have a neutral and general view of their marital experiences. Blogs are written in an impartial manner and we apologize if they offend any of our readers. We expect and encourage our readers to present their opinions about Nikah Explorer Blogs in the Comments section. However, if there happens to be certain disagreement for a certain blog (or point in a blog) we request you to present the comment of disagreement in the boundary of ethics and decency. Please do not use foul and unethical language as this takes away from the piety of Nikah Explorer Website.

Comment with Relevance: Nikah Explorer gives Muslims an opportunity to present their point of views on articles and blogs. However, we request you to remember that you are on a Muslim Matrimonial website and that comments of relevance are expected of you. Please follow Islamic guidelines while commenting and avoid unnecessary life stories that have no relevance to marriage or potential marital issues. Comments should be strictly based on Muslim marriages.

Follow the Shariah in Comments:While commenting please ensure that you do not leave the boundaries of Shariah and Islam. Talk about your experiences but ensure that they are relevant to the religion Islam and do not represent different faiths. Also, be kind, respectful and straightforward in your comments and do not be rude or overbearing.

Do not target People in your Comments:You may disagree with the opinions of many Muslims who come to Nikah Explorer and write down their opinions but show your disagreement in a decent manner. You can agree to disagree but do not target or ridicule a certain person while commenting. Present your opinions in a neutral and inoffensive manner. Have a healthy discussion, not an egoistic argument.

How To Contact Us

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