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Marrying a Muslim

Marriage in Islam

When a Muslim man gets ready for marriage he must be aware of a number of things before being bound in this holy contract encouraged by Allah. Lots of single men and women look for a suitable Muslim 4 marriage so that they already have the knowledge of Islam and the relationship of marriage in Islam along with the responsibilities and duties that are part of the marriage. One very important thing that a person looking for a Muslim 4 marriage must understand is his expectations from Allah on how to treat his wife Allah says in the Quran “… and consort with them in kindness.” (An-Nisa’: 19). If the Muslim man or Muslim woman is unsuccessful in finding a suitable Muslim 4 marriage for themselves they must look to their parents, family, and friends for support after telling them their preferences. Not only family & friends, there are also other numerous ways to find good Muslims 4 marriage including Halal Matrimonial websites for Muslims as well as lots of social groups, especially if you are living abroad and in a western society. Marrying a Muslim man or woman who has faith in Allah and follows the religion of Islam should be the prime objective when looking for a Muslim 4 marriage.

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