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Muslim and Singlem

"Imam as-Sadiq (a.s.) stated: 'Two Rak'ats (units) of a married person's Salat (prayer) are better than seventy Rak'ats offered by a bachelor'."

Single Muslim

The above tradition just sums up the importance of marriage beautifully. Being Muslim and Single is not encouraged in Islam and is frowned upon by Allah so much so that even the prayer of a Muslim and single person will give you less reward than that of a married person (if the person is single for no proper reason, that is) Allah has asked Muslim and single people to get married and live together in love, faith, forgiveness and harmony, to reproduce offspring and to hence to be a part of spreading Islam far and wide.

So if you are Muslim and single you should make it your first priority to find yourself a perfect match, not only to complete half your faith but also to please Allah and gain His blessings completely. All Muslim and single people need to get married is the drive and decision to get married, the finances and the maturity. Allah has asked Muslim and single people not to delay marriage if they have all these things because that means delaying a beautiful relationship that Allah has recommended for our own good in this world and the Hereafter. So here’s a word going out to all Muslim and single men and women; Try your utmost to find your perfect spouse and gain Allah’s pleasure and a place in Jannah Insha Allah because no doubt, getting married completes half your faith.

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