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Muslim Dating Vs. Muslim Marriage

"And let those who cannot find someone to marry maintain chastity until Allah makes them rich through His favours ."(Surah 24, Verse 33)

Marriage in Islam

The above verse very clearly tells us Allah’s opinion about Muslim dating, that of it NOT being allowed or encouraged in Islam. Muslim dating in Islam is strictly prohibited. Allah has asked all Muslims to lower their eyesight when they come across a person from the other gender and also to guard our chastity and modesty. This means that Muslims are not allowed to freely mingle with the opposite gender before marriage. That is the difference between Muslim dating and Muslim marriage. Whereas one is looked down upon by Allah as being impure, unchaste and a relationship that not only takes the good from Muslims but also removes the blessings of Allah, the other that is Muslim marriage is a chaste, pure relationship that gives us the reward of Allah. So which would we choose?

Muslim dating or Muslim Marriage? Muslims are under the impression that if they don’t indulge in Muslim dating they will not be able to move towards Muslim marriage, because, as they say, it all begins with dating. This is a trick of shaytan who lures Muslims into dating by telling them that they will eventually turn it into marriage and are hence doing nothing wrong. But they are. Muslim dating will not lead to Muslim marriage. It will lead to Allah’s displeasure and eventually Jahannam. So make sure, as Muslims, you know the difference between Muslim marriage and Muslim dating. Do the right thing, not the wrong one.

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